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It was 1983 when I bought my first Shar Pei. A brown horsecoat bitch we named Truffles. Then followed a 10 week old puppy Tshimaos Ging-Gong (Velvet) along with an 18 month old bitch Tshimaos Fang-Yin (Gina).
Another import was shortly to follow from Germany again this time Bruno - Tshimaos Yangtsekiang of Jentiki - a cream brushcoat male.
I bred Yorkies at that time and in all the years I kept them together there was never a cross word. My male Yorkie Simon was always kissing and licking Bruno's mouth and lips - they all got on really well.
When we moved and bought boarding kennels in 1992, I slowly reduced my Yorkies because of their coats (running free in a paddock really wasn't a good idea as their coats knotted and tangled in an instant).
With all the work that goes with running a busy boarding kennels I was no longer able to continue in my position as Treasurer for the Shar Pei Club of Great Britain and showing became a rarity. I did however stay active as welfare coordinator. Running the kennels seemed to be a 24/7 occupation with no time for anything else.
It was during these 13 years that I concentrated on breeding a healthy type of Shar Pei paying special attention to the coat texture. A coat that was easy to live with, not too harsh or bristly, a dog with some substance, and above all a kind and loving temperament. Eyes were really beginning to show an improvement now, so although I rarely attended the shows I was still doing my bit to improve the breed.
We sold the kennels in June 2005 and moved to Cambridgeshire. BLISS! The phone finally stopped ringing day and night, and we were able to concentrate on "having a life". Iíve always enjoyed judging and was highly delighted when I was approved by the KC to award tickets in the breed.
I kept two pups from my Waffles x Muffet breeding namely Puzzle and Blush. Puzzle started to look promising and so I started to show him. Not the easiest dog to show, I have to admit, but with patience and encouragement from a lot of folk he became a CHAMPION in Sept 2006, at just 19 months old.
He was
TOP SIRE 2007 &2008 OUR DOGS /PET PLAN and so far has won 14 CCís with 7 BOBís
I kept a bitch from his first litter to Lara - Jentiki Hat Trikk, Hattie, who I am now showing and so far has won 2 CCís and 4 Res CCís . We are also proud of our Hovis , so far winner of 1 CC and 2 Res CCís
So here we are with our first Champion and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, showing and staying in our nice new caravan. Steve has sold his beloved Patrol and bought a Mercedes van fitted out with cages for the dogs. He shows his Bullies and I show my Dachies and Shar Pei. How life has changed!

Jennie Baker  October 2008

 Update May 2009 : Hattie gained hert title and now has won 3 CC's ,1BOB & 5 RCC's
Puzzle has added 9 RCC's to his wins 
Hovis aded a Res CC

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Hovis and Puzzle

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